Project Description

Live Earth – concerts for a climate in crisis – co-chaired by former Vice President, Al Gore.

Madison Worldwide Founder, an expert in Entertainment Marketing marketed and promoted this groundbreaking concert to raise awareness of climate change that reached an audience of 2 billion people in 100 countries. This included a 41% television-viewing market share in Canada, 37% in Brazil, and 20% in Germany. . Led final negotiations and implementation of marketing with leading Fortune 500 companies that generated $40 million in revenue to fund the event.

Highlights Include:

  • Major sponsorship acquisition including; Absolut Vodka, Daimler Chrysler, MSN, Pepsi and Philips.
  • Social networking success that included over 1 Million member engagement in five months.
  • Digital asset activation –’s biggest streaming day ever to that date.
  • Directed all broadcast partnership activation with broadcast media outlets including NBC, CCTV, Sirius etc. that included negotiated promotional spots, messaging, on-air promotions and other added value worldwide that added another $20 Million in added value.
  • Directed all on-site event and hospitality that reached over 4 million on-site attendees.
  • Identified and negotiated celebrity endorsements and tie-ins that included a commemorative Pepsi can, exclusive song release from Madonna and other exclusive offers and tie-ins from various other entertainers.
  • Lead grass roots and guerilla marketing that garnered 64 NGO and online media partners and joint outreach messages in support of our messaging.

Project Details