La Passeggiata

Project Description

Hired in July, 2016 to handle marketing and Distribution Marketing strategy for new vegan food product La Passeggiata is a vegan Italian food company based in Los Angeles,  that hired Madison Worldwide to secure a manufacturer and distribution strategy for their new products.  After securing both, La Passeggiata also needed assistance creating a marketing strategy.

Americans who identify as vegan grew 600% in 2018 and many retailers, including giants like Walmart and Safeway, were asking for more vegan products. La Passeggiata saw this opportunity realized there was a huge hole in the marketplace. While many meat and seafood alternatives existed, there was not a great tasting vegan crab cake option.  La Passeggiata used the opportunity to create a line of vegan Italian food, including a very popular vegan crab cake. The vegan crab cake was a creative and delicious cajun spiced breaded hearts of palm that could be served in a variety of recipes.

In order to create the food product at scale, La Passeggiata needed assistance finding a specialized manufacturer who could help produce the vegan crab cake and continually maintain high-quality standards. Madison Worldwide used their product expertise to search and evaluate manufacturer options, ultimately finding an ideal partner that would allow La Passeggiata to grow product creation.

After securing a manufacturer, La Passeggiata was looking to take their brand to consumers through strategic distribution partners. After evaluating the vegan food market, Madison Worldwide identified a handful of ideal distribution partners including Whole Foods and several independent grocers. Leveraging deep industry connections, Madison Worldwide helped secure key distribution partners to sell La Passeggiata products nationwide.

Finally, Madison Worldwide crafted a marketing campaign that focused on featuring the delicious, fresh look and flavor of the vegan crab cakes.  Using top quality food photography, the marketing campaign focused on the many ways to incorporate the vegan crab cakes into several recipes.  While proudly featuring vegan labeling, the marketing campaign also encouraged non-vegans to try the dish and incorporate it into their diet.

If you have an innovative food product you are looking for Distribution Marketing Consulting,  Madison Worldwide can help you during all steps of the process. Whether you are in the early stages of identifying manufacturing partners, attempting to find the best distribution partners, or going direct to consumers, Madison Worldwide has the industry expertise to take your product to the next level.


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