Edo Sushi

Project Description

Madison Worldwide hired in the summer of 2015 to complete Food & Beverage Marketing and Public Relations for Edo Sushi. They are family owned sushi distributor that sells mainly to hospitals and universities in the midwest and northeast. The founder of the company joined forces with a prominent senator from Connecticut and was able to get a bill passed ensuring that there were standards for cooking sushi rice. When the FDA came to inspect their facility, there were always different standards required, so this bill was enacted to ensure there was only one approved way of cooking sushi rice.

This is a great example of how a press release with a good hook and story can get industry press. Edo Sushi used this press and the credibility it was able to convey to further grow their footprint of hospitals and University clients in the Midwest and Northeast.

A recap of the earned press for this press release is listed below and includes the Litchfield Times and Specialty Food News which is a national industry publication.

Project Details

  • Edo Sushi
  • Food & Beverage Marketing for Edo Sushi