EnMass Energy

Project Description

EnMass, a Green Biomass Start-Up founded in 2015, based in Durham, North Carolina is commencing their first large scale biomass energy development project. EnMass Energy takes crop waste and turns it into clean and sustainable electricity for rural communities. EnMass Energy projects benefit communities by helping reduce energy poverty and mitigating climate change.

EnMass Press Release

Pakistan possesses significant biomass potential which is why it was chosen as the first location for an EnMass Energy project.  EnMass Energy will utilize cotton stalks that are routinely burnt in the fields as they presently possess little to no economic value to the respective Pakistani farmers. Consequently, this biomass is available for purchase at a low cost and is in relatively high quantities. In fact, Biomass as a fuel source can economically generate at least 3.4 GW of power in the stable Punjab region alone.

Project Details

  • Client Client: EnMass Energy
  • Campaign Green Tech Public Relations
  • Launch Country United States and Pakistan